"We have been loyal customers of Tailblazers Pet Sitting service since 2006. During that time, whether it is for a single day visit or an extended absence, we have personally observed both Kira and her employees’ commitment to providing personalized, reliable and loving care to our three dogs.  Kira is dedicated to making sure every detail is attended to – feedings, medicines, walking, special needs…etc and upon our return, we can tell the dogs have been well cared for.  Traditionally, we haven’t let just anybody watch our pets and also refuse to put them in a kennel. It has been such a relief, since discovering Tailblazers, to know that our 4-legged friends are home in their familiar environment and well attended to."  Mamie W. September 2009


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"Casey seems perfectly content. He is looking behind us when we came home to see if you were with us. I can see by the notes that you spoiled him rotten. Thanks for everything!" Jeanne M. September 2009
"It was much easier to enjoy our vacation knowing that the girls were in such good hands. They were so happy and content when we got home!! Bless you for your work!" Jen D. April 2009
"Kira, I just wanted to thank you for your help with Scarlett!  I was so happy with her today. We were able to walk through crowds of people and dogs and she was not reacting!  We saw Sandy with DIA and she was impressed with how calm she was!!  Thank you!!!  I feel like we have made a break through." Kelly H. May 2010

"I want you to know I can't thank you enough! You should be very proud of your business and the quality of your work. Your staff is superior and there is none like it." Janet J. July 2010
"I can't imagine a better experience. Universally the best dog walkers ever. We would recommend you to anyone. I can't imagine what else we could ask for from your team. GREAT SERVICE!" Steve M. July 2010
" I just wanted to send a note to you and your awesome staff to tell you how much we appreciate your wonderful service. I am certain that folks don't realize how hard you work and the pitfalls of caring for hairy, drooly things. We know that you guys think of it differently: Dog drool=kisses, cat fur=love, howling at the door='Hello! Please come in', dog poop in the yard='Humans love to pick it up so I better hurry and make more', cat litter in the dog's water bowl=extra fiber.
We know that we can travel (which we love) and that our kiddos will be well taken care of. What a relief!!
So to you, Alicia, Diane, Susie and Kim, a VERY BIG thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!"   Tracy and Bob P. October 2010
"I can't thank you and your staff enough for all that you do for my little Ace!   
I am a very protective pet owner and it gives me such piece of mind to know that you love him as much as I do. You guys rock and always go the extra mile! All of his walkers do a terrific job, but Susie has a very special place in mine and Ace's heart! :)  
I truly don't know what I would do without you!"    
Evonne M. June 2011
"Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our pets and home while we were away this past few weeks.  I can't tell you what a relief it was knowing my babies were in such good hands. I will be passing your information along to anyone I know who may need petsitting." Laura C. January 2012 
"We will never forget your actions today. You not only showed your professionalism but true love and concern. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Judy G. September 2012

"We love you guys!! Would use no one else. Murphy likes to think he is in charge and reports that he just loves all of you. He has just about convinced the rest of the kitties to not be so shy. Russell and P.D. will be forever grateful that their kennel days are long gone! Thanks again!"
David and Janet B. April 2013
"You are doing a great job! It is so nice to know that our boys are in good hands when we go out of town. We really appreciate you and we know the boys love you. Thank you for everything including shoveling the snow." Shannon C. and Jenny H. March 2013
"It was great to see how happy the dogs were to see the walkers when they came by. They are my babies and I feel great leaving then in your care."
Jenny B. April 2013
"Buddy loves Gwen and looks forward to his walks. Gwen makes him feel very special. Thank you-thank you!!" Barbara W. April 2013

"Kathleen is great with Blessing and Sandy. I can tell they look forward to her visit and she makes them a priority. She is a wonderful dog walker and we are so happy she comes over to help."
Sara S. May 2013
"George is happier and more content since we began the walking service. My daughter and family see George on his walks and he is enjoying himself. George and I both thank you for taking good care of him. Keep up the good work." Shelly V. May 2013

Large or small, we love them all!
Celebrating 12 Years Of PLC-Pet Loving Care!

"Thank you very much for your excellent care of our precious little dog Gracie. We came home to a happy and healthy dog. What a nice difference from the times we have put our dog in a kennel! Our pets always came home sick from even very good, clean and highly-recommended kennels. Then we had a Vet bill in addition to a Kennel bill! Please extend our sincere thanks to Gwen. Thank you, thank you, our Gracie means the world to us."

Gregory V. February 2016