The Obligatory Holiday Warning

The Obligatory Holiday Warning

We have all heard and read it before, but don’t think about it as the holidays approach. In all the hustle and bustle that we have during the holidays, our pets sometimes take a back seat. It is so important that we keep them on the same schedule and give them the proper amount of exercise that they are used to, no matter how busy we are. They get stressed seeing us stressing. What better way to combat stress than throwing on that extra layer and taking your dog for a walk. It does us all good to get some fresh air and exercise. How about a little ‘Fuzz Therapy’ with your cat? Take a few minutes to unwind with the purring machine on your lap. Have you ever wondered why your pet is staring at you? Studies show that they are attempting to bond with you. The next time you are racing around, trying to get everything done, stop and take some time for your fur kids. They will appreciate it and you will feel better. I try to manage my time by writing a list with a timeline. Midway down the list (when I am probably frazzled) is- ‘play with my dogs’ or ‘cuddle with my cat.’ Along with a cup of coffee, I have regrouped and am ready for the afternoon and the remainder of my list.


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