Dog Training

Dog Training

I have been getting a lot of calls from people who got puppies as gifts for Christmas. Wow! What a gift they received! 10 plus years of care, potty training, cleaning up messes in the mean time, vet visits for vaccinations and everything else that happens to the dog, food, toys, chewies, collars, leashes, brushes… What have they done?!?

On the flip side, you have a wonderful new friend that will stand by you no matter the circumstances. He/she will listen to you with undivided attention, won’t judge you, and will hardly ever talk back. Your new friend would love to get exercise with you or just lie on the couch and watch tv. Whatever you decide will be fine.

It is time to get the training and guidance you need to have a well rounded, happy friend. Dog training classes will not only help you have an obedient pup, but will help you create a wonderful, life long bond and get them the socialization that is so important in this young stage.

We have training classes for the puppy or any other age dog. Class schedules are on our website.

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